1. The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA)

The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) offers comprehensive development in a variety of fields. Their primary goal is to give resources to those who wish to enhance their education after completing compulsory school. Europe and America are home to the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA).

C&C’s contribution to their success

In Europe and USA, we had branded the firm for those who are interested in continuing their education in sectors such as school teachers, professors, doctor, lawyer, nurse etc. Our professionals are expert in generating high quality leads using innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology. We helped them gain an excellent reputation and a high ranking. People who wanted to continue their education in a professional sector began to look forward to them.

2. Kimmunicate Plus

Kimmunicate Plus is a telephone marketing business located in the United Kingdom. It offers inbound and outbound services to businesses of all sizes. They promote companies in a variety of sectors all across the world.

C&C’s contribution to their success

C&C was a Kimmunicate Plus telemarketing partner for an Indian project. Our outbound call center agents contacted many industries throughout India and sent updated reports to them with success rate before the deadline.

3. V3biz

V3biz is USA based IT training organization that provides training to those who are interested in pursuing careers in sales, software development, web and app development, mobile computing, and cloud computing. They had developed their curriculum in such a way that it helps in enhancing person's skills.

C&C’s contribution to their success

C&C Professional expert provide services for outbound tele-calling solutions to V3biz in order to attract applicants from the United States and link them with their client firms. We screened applicants and assisted in the development of relationships between candidates and V3biz clients.

4. Eamida: learning management system

Eamida is a learning management system located in the United States that enables e-learning by employing electronic technology to access educational curriculum and study material. It aids in the construction of bridges between different places and offers digital connectivity to minimise time gaps.

C&C’s contribution to their success

C&C provide Eamida with a group services like as cold calling, lead generation and appointment scheduling, which was a great success in creating relationships between potential clients and Eamida.


MAAA is a school in the United States that teaches pupils kickboxing and martial arts.

C&C’s contribution to their success

C&C assist MAAA in their school campaign. We provide customized services to connect a link between students and schools. When students contacted us, they received a lower cost structure as asked by MAAA.

6. Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com is a website that assists users in finding the best dining deals in their area.

C&C’s contribution to their success

C&C launched a six-month campaign for restaurants in the United States, encouraging consumers to sign up for new programmes and promotions. Customers had signed up for engagement and other party preparations. Our outbound call Center team assisted Restaurant.com in achieving a high ROI.

7. www.wpau.com.au

Wealth Partners Australia is an Australian finance business located in Melbourne that provides debt-reduction strategies and solutions. They are knowledgeable about banking loans and large money lenders.

C&C’s contribution to their success

C&C skilled telemarketing representative collects data and information from customers' mortgages and mortgage lenders. Our agents ask clients and enter their responses immediately into a specialised software programme, which eliminates errors and provides fast access to data that may impact how a product or service is promoted.