Direct Response and Media Support

Call Center in Canada (C&C) world-class Direct Response and Media Support services allows you to access smooth communication channel for your DRTV support. We ensure that you will get promotional success with our experienced staff, efficient processes, and cutting-edge technology. Our objective is to communicate with your customers as soon as possible in order to market your service or product to achieve your goals.

Customer: saw the advertisement and willing to purchase portable table fan.

Calls agent DRTV: - How are you? How can I help you?

Customer: I am willing to buy portable table fan but is it durable and it really give cool air.

Agent: - Fan is of very good quality. Its speed is 200 rpm. More it is very handy and light in weight.

Customer: can I have discount on it.

Agent: Madam it is already on discounted rate. You are getting 20%less than Market price. If it is possible, I would have given you more discount on it. I assure you are getting fan on best price and you will not regret for it.

Customer: emm: I understand

Agent: Madam! how many do you want me to book for you.

Customer: Book only one for me.

C&C provides a seamless communication channel to your Direct and Media Support.

Smart Staff

C&C well-functioning direct response and media support services provides two-way communication between customers and agents. Our well- trained professional agents build the bridge between customers and your products in efficient way by answering their queries that they have in their mind while placing order. Our agents resolve the issues, tell positive features of the product and offers to help them make up their mind to purchase the product.

Multiple - channel Support

All advertising channels can connect your callers directly to our DRTV agents on multi-channel support like inbound phone calls, email, web chat, and social media. Our professional staff can process transactions, answer queries, and operate as a full extension of your business to allow you to streamline marketing process and gain more customers.


We provide automated DRTV help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for special campaigns where our live agents take care of your special campaign with capacity of handling high volume calls. We use analytics tools to tell you which customers are more susceptible to advertising collateral.

For a one-on-one consultation, call us now. We'll reply right away and devise a strategy. We improve your company's customer experience and brand image.