With an efficient outbound telemarketing effort, C&C assisted us in increasing our revenue growth. Their highly motivated staff and crystal-clear strategy made it easy for us to meet our sales and revenue goals. Their services are highly recommended by us.

Ron Williams

Our conversations with their outgoing contact centre manager Karan persuaded us to choose them as our outbound service provider for appointment setting. We are highly appreciative of the team's earnest efforts. They helped us gain new clients and business.

Mary Simpson


C&C has assisted us in gaining new clients. Our business demand was grasped by the highly driven and qualified staff of cold calling specialists, who educated and convinced potential customers. Their assistance allowed us to get a better understanding of our consumers' expectations and preferences. Working with them was a delight.

David G.S.

We are appreciative to C&C for providing our company with countless leads and various possibilities to make new clients and business propositions with its outstanding outbound services. Thank you for your proactive attitude and unwavering support.

Julie Williams


We are always excited to collaborate with C&C. We choose them to handle our enquiry handling process since their specialists are dedicated and carefully listen to company requirements. This firm never fails to meet or exceed your expectations and happy to work with them.

George Kole